National Occupy Post Office Rally

1401 State Street
Tuesday, April 17th

3p.m. until 5p.m

PRC issues opinion on Network "Rationalization"

On September 28th, the Postal Regulatory Commision issued a press release with their conclusions about the Postal Service plans to cut the processing plants by half across the US.  In a nutshell, if the Postal Service follows the Commissions suggestions, we'll be safe from consolidation at least for awhile.  One of the suggestions was to try a little and see what happens before jumping in.  Another suggestion, one that would save service in our area, was to keep overnight delivery rather than cheapen the product and charge the same price to the customer.  Good advice, a no brainer for most of us.  Will those characters at L'Enfant Plaza pay attention?  That is our task, to MAKE these guys pay attention!